Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Roots Soccer League (RSL) - 2024 Spring Season tournament for the age group.
12U Boys - Div 1 6 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 (AJAC) Aldenville Junior Athletic Club
AJAC 11UB^D1 [Warriors]
0M456-03TGB/6-0011   David Krause
 A2 Amherst Youth Soccer
Amherst 12UBD1 [Fuller] - Spring
0M456-04TGB/8-0062   Harijap Fuller
 A3 Longmeadow Soccer Association
Longmeadow 12UBD1 [Black]
0M456-15TGB/6-0027   Donald Magri
 A4 Ludlow Youth Soccer Association
Ludlow 12UBD1 [Bears]
0M456-16TGB/6-0018   Jose Alves
 A5 Northampton Soccer Club
Northampton 12UBD1 [Blue]
0M456-17TGB/6-0017   Christopher Hayhurst
 A6 Wilbraham Soccer Club
Wilbraham 12UBD1 [Blue]
0M456-26TGB/6-0016   Eric DeGray