Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Roots Soccer League (RSL) - 2024 Spring Season tournament for the age group.
8U Boys - Open Pool B 10 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Amherst Youth Soccer
Amherst U8B [Robinson] - Spring
0M456-04TGB/2-0070   David Robinson
 A2 Belchertown United
Belchertown United 8UBB [Orange]
0M456-29TGB/2-0071   William Verrochi
 A3 Easthampton Youth Soccer
Easthampton 8UBB [Ball]
0M456-09TGB/2-0014   Andrew Ball
 A4 Enfield Soccer Association
Enfield 8UBB [Panthers Grey]
0M456-10TGB/2-0007   Dustin Drummey
 A5 Hampshire United Soccer Club
Hampshire United 8UBB [Domina]
0M456-13TGB/2-0006   Brian Domina
 A6 Ludlow Youth Soccer Association
Ludlow 8UBB [Buffalos]
0M456-16TGB/2-0011   Michael Freitas
 A7 Northampton Soccer Club
Northampton 8UBB [Gold]
0M456-17TGB/2-0039   Alissa Marotto
 A8 Northampton Soccer Club
Northampton 8UBB [Silver]
0M456-17TGB/2-0040   Nathan Sirota
 A9 Westfield FC
Westfield FC 8UBB Raymaakers
0M456-25TGB/2-0039   John Raymaakers
 A10 West Springfield Youth Soccer Club
West Springfield 7UB^B [West Side]
0M456-24TGB/2-0025   Michael Marcus